Alton Memorial Health Services Foundation
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Alton Memorial Hospital first opened its doors in 1937. Since then, those doors have stayed open -- every hour of every day. Over the years, the names and faces of the caregivers have changed, but the quality of care has remained consistently high. AMH has received many awards in recent years, both hospital-wide and in specialty areas such as orthopedics, pulmonary and critical care.

It takes years to achieve a culture of excellence. And it takes people -- people committed to doing things the right way. Visionary leaders, innovative physicians and dedicated staff have laid the foundation that is at the Hospital’s core. Volunteers and donors, drawn to the cause, gave their time and money. Their generous support, both then and now, is deeply appreciated. For the outstanding care we can deliver because of you, many thanks.

Paul Laushke

Paul R. Lauschke Jr.
Alton Memorial Health Services Foundation

Dave Braach

David A. Braasch, RPh, FACHE
Alton Memorial Hospital